Jennifer Lee Miller



Jen Miller portrait I, Jennifer Miller, am a web designer, a graphic designer, an illustrator, and many other things as well. I have had an interest in web design since high school, when I took a web site class and helped a group of school nurses build a simple web site to meet their needs. I felt then, as I do now, that the internet is a powerful and exciting tool, and I hope to contribute to its growth and development as it continues to mature and take shape.

Throughout the years my path to realize this dream of learning how to be a larger part of the web has taken some twists and turns, but each unexpected event had a lesson to teach me. At Univeristy of Houston, I started out in Graphic Design, with the assurances from my counselors that I would also be trained in Web design. However, the web design portion of the course was six weeks long out of a four to five year program. I grew frustrated and moved my major to art history, a field in which I excelled. I graduated from Univeristy of Houston with a Bachelor's in Art History and a minor in Studio Arts.

With all these varied experiences under my belt, I went back to school to get a diploma in Web Design at The Art Institutes. I started at the Washington DC location and then transferred to the Houston campus.

I am hopeful for my future, and plan to use all I have learned along my journey to design amazing things.